Day 4– It’s Always Sunny in Oahu

Oahu, where it’s always sunny and beautiful and it never rains, right?  WRONG! I woke up to see it pouring outside.  WE were planning to go hike Manoa Falls.  Hoping that the rain would clear up by the time we got to Manoa Falls, we got ready for hiking.  If possible, the rain only got worse.  We then  drove to diamondhead (a volcano you can hike in Oahu).  after 45 minutes of hiking, we finally made it to the top.  The view was spectacular, I could see all of Oahu from the top.  The Waikiki area was espescially pretty because of the way the water merged with all of the upscale buildings.




After we climbed down, we got shave ice.  I got strawberry-vanilla-lime, which was really good.




Day 3–I visit my first Hawaiian Beach

Despite our hotel being right in front of Waikiki Beach, I didn’t actually visit a beach until the third day I was in Hawaii.  Also, strangely, the first beach I went to was not Waikiki Beach.  We, meaning my mom, dad, brother, brother’s friend, his parents and his brother and me, all went to Turtle Bay, a beach in the beautiful North Shores of Oahu.  There is a 5 star resort right next to the beach called Turtle Bay Resort.  I would ahve preferred to stay there but it was too far away from the Hyatt on Waikiki, which is where my parents’ conference is. When we got there we decided to go snorkelling there.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything in the shallow water.  I decided to go a little deeper into the ocean and managed to see some sea urchins, coral reefs and some fish.  There still wasn’t a whole lot.  I don’t even know why it was called Turtle Bay if there aren’t any turtles. After swimming in the water for around an hour, it was time for lunch.  Right after lunch, I went right back into the water.  My brother, his friend and friend’s dad went to the tide pools.  They did see a lot of starfish and sea urchins, but Raghav (my brother) got cut by the rocks.  After that we decided that it was time to leave.


This is Turtle Bay.  The building in the background is the resort. I didn’t take this picture.


On our way back from Turtle Bay, we stopped for some fresh-cut, Hawaiian-grown fruit.  I tried mango with lime and chili flakes on it and pineapple with salt and lime on it. I also tried sugarcane, which I loved.  I’ve had sugarcane juice a lot in Singapore, but I’ve never had real sugarcane.  It’s the most heavenly thing I’ve ever eaten (and I’ve been to the food capitol of the world: look under Italy).


This is what peeled and cut sugarcane looks like.  You bite into it and suck all the juice out.  Then, you spit out whatever’s in your mouth.  Unforunately, my parents rememebered that my orthodontist said “no hard foods”.  They made me stop eating it right after that.  I didn’t take this picture.

Day 2– Pearl Harbor and Pineapples

On the second day, we left at around 9:00 to go to Pearl Harbor, where the Japanese bombed the Americans.  Our GPS took us to the actual military base.  The people there didn’t look surprised at all and told us to look up USS Arizona Memorial instead.  That would apparently take us to the memorial.  On our way there we stopped for fresh donuts at this place called Zippy’s ,  When my mom, dad, brother and I made it to the memorial, we saw someone whose car had been broken into.  That made us hide all the valuables in in different places in our car.  Only cameras and wallets were allowed inside the memorial.  But, the entry was free.  We only had to pay for audio tours. We got to see ral pieces of the ships that had sunk and interviews with survivors.  One thing that I found really shocking was that the night before the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Teddy Roosevelt, the president at that time, sent a letter to the Japanese stating that, with the impeding war, they should remain at peace, even if they were to take opposite sides of the war.  It was sent of a little less than 12 hours before the attack on Pearl Harbor. The place is called the USS Arizona memorial because there is a ferry that will take you to the place where the USS Arizona, one of the American ships that the Japanese sunk, lies today.  It was the biggest ship the Japanese hit and sunk.

You can see the ship, the brown thing under the white building. I did not take this picture.


After that, we went to the Dole Plantation.  This plantation is where most of the Dole pineapples grow.  I got to eat a lot of pineapple there .EVERYTHING was pineapple themed.  The Dole Plantation is home to the largest maze as of 2008.  The maze is shaped like a pineapple.  To finish the maze, you haze to find 8 symbols throughout the maze and find your way back. I finished the maze in 1/2 an hour without a map of the maze, which is only 22 minutes more than the record time.  My parents, brother, brother’s friend and his parents took 1 hour to finish and they had a map. After finishing the maze and a tour through the gardens, we ate dinner and headed back to the hotel.

This is the maze from a birds eye point of view.  I did not take this picture.

This is what the front of the plantation looked like.  Again I did not take this picture. But I did take one that looked almost identical to this.

Hello from Hawaii

Oahu,  the heart of the Hawaiian islands, with it’s modern and upscale beach area of Waikiki and its clear blue-green beaches is easily one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. It has everything I could want, beaches, 5 star hotels and a historical aspect.  From the plane, the ocean was completely teal with splashes of dark blue water, indicating coral reefs and sea life.  We were meeting our friends in Oahu and we would go around seeing the sights together.  Right after we landed, we checked into our hotel, which was a two minute walk away from Wakiki Beach (you just had to cross the street).  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Wakiki Beach that day because we already had plans to go with some friends to the Polynesian Cultural Center.  The PCC was completely a waste of time, in my opinion.  We didn’t get to see any of the exhibits and had to pay $160 just to see some show which was all about a boy growing up.  The show was called HA: Breath of Life.  The only good parts of the show were the intermission, where everyone got free mango, pineapple and guava ice cream (it was really good) and the part of the show where professionals did cool tricks with fire. On the bright side though, I did get these really awesome sunglasses.

My super awesome sunglasses looked like this, except that there were mirrors in between the pink bars. I didn’t take this picture.

The fire tricks in HA: Breath of Life were really cool. I didn’t take this picture.  All pictures that I have taken are under the page names “Pictures”.