Day 3–I visit my first Hawaiian Beach

Despite our hotel being right in front of Waikiki Beach, I didn’t actually visit a beach until the third day I was in Hawaii.  Also, strangely, the first beach I went to was not Waikiki Beach.  We, meaning my mom, dad, brother, brother’s friend, his parents and his brother and me, all went to Turtle Bay, a beach in the beautiful North Shores of Oahu.  There is a 5 star resort right next to the beach called Turtle Bay Resort.  I would ahve preferred to stay there but it was too far away from the Hyatt on Waikiki, which is where my parents’ conference is. When we got there we decided to go snorkelling there.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything in the shallow water.  I decided to go a little deeper into the ocean and managed to see some sea urchins, coral reefs and some fish.  There still wasn’t a whole lot.  I don’t even know why it was called Turtle Bay if there aren’t any turtles. After swimming in the water for around an hour, it was time for lunch.  Right after lunch, I went right back into the water.  My brother, his friend and friend’s dad went to the tide pools.  They did see a lot of starfish and sea urchins, but Raghav (my brother) got cut by the rocks.  After that we decided that it was time to leave.


This is Turtle Bay.  The building in the background is the resort. I didn’t take this picture.


On our way back from Turtle Bay, we stopped for some fresh-cut, Hawaiian-grown fruit.  I tried mango with lime and chili flakes on it and pineapple with salt and lime on it. I also tried sugarcane, which I loved.  I’ve had sugarcane juice a lot in Singapore, but I’ve never had real sugarcane.  It’s the most heavenly thing I’ve ever eaten (and I’ve been to the food capitol of the world: look under Italy).


This is what peeled and cut sugarcane looks like.  You bite into it and suck all the juice out.  Then, you spit out whatever’s in your mouth.  Unforunately, my parents rememebered that my orthodontist said “no hard foods”.  They made me stop eating it right after that.  I didn’t take this picture.


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